Viticosmetics = Wine + Cosmetics 


The aim is to use the waste generated during the winemaking process to produce cosmetics based on the antioxidant polyphenols found in wine.

It all starts with the fruit from centenary vines, which struggle day and night to grow on Porrera’s steep slopes. Their effort to grow and reach water in dry, slate soils under such extreme conditions yield a splendid fruit with natural antioxidant substances at their maximum expression and quality.

The leftover grape waste, what remains of seeds and dried skin is made the most of.

It is a totally natural, topical cosmetic line with antioxidants and moisturising active ingredients. Non-aggressive natural products without parabens, silicone or mineral oils are produced to care for the environment and for people. Our products only contain by-products of the Priorat soil, such as grape waste extracts, vegetable oils from grape seeds and almonds, and even arbequina olives from the El Priorat region.

The aim is to offer a full line of winecosmetic products intended for young and middle-aged people, who are concerned about the environment and looking for non-aggressive, chemical-free cosmetics.