Two brothers, one shared project

Historia Clos d'Alè

Albert, an oenologist and owner of the Vall Llach winery in Porrera (El Priorat, Catalonia), and Ernest, his twin brother, pharmacist and owner of Costa Miralbell Chemist’s in Barcelona, decided to join forces and enthusiasm to create the winecosmetics brand, Clos d’Alè, from the El Priorat region.

The aim is to use the waste generated during the winemaking process to produce cosmetics based on the antioxidant polyphenols found in wine.

Their father, Enric Costa, founded in 1996, together with Lluís Llach, the Celler Vall Llach (Vall Llach Winery) in Porrera (El Priorat).

“We used to discuss the idea with our father and Lluís, and our father got excited, because it was a joint project between the two brothers,” explains Ernest, recalling how the adventure started. “But the investments in the winery always came first, so we sought a way to make a living as young entrepreneurs via the ACCIÓ programme,” he continues. This platform from the Government of Catalonia has become a key advisory body that oversees the project and assigned them an expert advisor (in nutrition) to develop it. At the same time, Ernest expanded his training in the area of natural products and aromatic plants.

The reason behind the name

“Alè” (Breath) is one of Lluís Llach’s songs that Enric Costa was a great fan of. “After Dad’s sudden death, this name not only gave the product meaning, but it’s also a tribute to him,” the two brothers conclude.[1]

Clos d’Alè, enthusiasm and passion in a project that unites wine and cosmetics.

[1] Excerpt of an interview that Ruth Troyano did with the Costa brothers